Social Media Management Tips To Get Maximum ROI

Internet marketing experts hold different perspectives on ROI or Return on Investment. Some of them believe that it is impossible to quantitatively evaluate ROI no matter how well you plan your social media marketing campaign. Others hold the opinion that with a little planning and strategy you can effectively use your social media to collect ROI.

Influence of Social Media on Target Markets:

More than 52% of Americans use online shopping forums. Moreover, 75% of them remain online on a social media website for most of the day. The statistics are enough to show an addiction of people to social media. In such conditions, small business social media marketing teams cannot neglect the importance of the social media platforms. Apart from this, 25% of marketers believe that their biggest goal is increasing ROI through their marketing activities.

Keeping in view demands of the market and current trends, here we have summarized useful social media marketing tips.

How to Use Social Media to Increase ROI:

Effective social media marketing helps small businesses to convert clicks into sales and visitors into long time customers. Internet marketing experts are of the opinion that you can use social media to increase ROI by attracting people with the help of content, by allowing them to be a part of the brand (i.e. Participation in surveys, forums and groups of people) and by adding the right amount of SEO in social media marketing campaign.

Different Social Media Marketing Platforms and Their Functioning Rules:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blog and YouTube are six giant social media channels. There are billions of people online on all these platforms 24/7. Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign runs around these pillars in association with email marketing and cloud marketing. However, online internet marketing experts are well aware of the fact that all these platforms work differently from one another.

Hence, if any small business wants to really increase its ROI with the help of social media marketing, it must realize that a Facebook status update is very different from a Tweet. Similarly, LinkedIn is an entirely different type of social mediaplatform. Google+ and Pinterest are not twin sisters and YouTube does not mean learning different kinds of hairstyles and handicrafts.

Therefore, next time when small business social media marketing is on your mind consider the following important points. These points will definitely help you gain greater visibility on all social media platforms.

  • Use hash tags to get more visibility on Twitter
  • Facebook never goes short of visual and aesthetic opportunities use all of the available options to get maximum leads and increased ROI.
  • When targeting audience on LinkedIn, always make sure that you post content on the relevant pages, i.e. marketing pages.
  • Use Google+ to share images with a greater audience.
  • Blogging gives you an immense opportunity to share genuine content. Never provide duplicate and second rate content on your blogs, believe us readers have very sharp senses to detect duplicate content.

Content: It Can Provide You Genuine Customers

Never underestimate the power of words. Authentic, original, informative, engaging and related-to-the-topic content can provide you more customers than anything else. Let the people read what you offer, but beware of plagiarism. Readers as well as Google do not tolerate plagiarism.

Leave links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages and encourage visitors to share the experience with friends. Use your Social media to share offers, discounts and prizes.

Social Media: Word of Mouth

According to Andrew Backs, Manager for Global Business Development P&G, “The consumer is boss, so we have to match that, look for the solutions to unlock consumer’s voice”. This pretty much sums up everything, allow the customer to speak up, to participate on your social media platform and see your brand grow.

Social media often works wonders when used keeping in mind this particular rule. Let the followers participate and they will act as a word of mouth for your business. If big organizations like P&G can use this strategy, even small businesses’ social media can benefit from the same strategy.

Install an Effective Tracking System:

According to social media marketing experts you cannot make an effective return on investment (ROI) until you know where you are going. A tracking system like surveys and URL tags help you evaluate your present social media marketing strategy and also to make future marketing plans.

The main purpose of a tracking system is to know what you are actually getting from your social media. This helps you to continue a fruitful practice whereas abandon an abortive one.


Survey helps you to evaluatete effectiveness of the social media marketing campaign. The most beneficial survey to increase your ROI is to find out how and from what sources visitors are finding your website.

By comparing and contrasting results of this type of survey you will be able to find out more references of benefactors. This tracking system will help you to find out which social media platform is generating more visitors.

Tag URL:

Tab URLs do the same job but more precisely. They allow you to find out which lead is generated from which social media platform. A sample Tag URL will contain words like “Twitter”, “Social”, and “Facebook”, “LinkedIn” etc to show the source from where the lead has been generated.

SEO, Social Media Marketing and ROI:

The importance of SEO in social media marketing is quite evident. Whether it is blogging, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube everything needs to be search engine optimized. Your business and your brand need to stay on top of the search engines. Hence, never forget SEO if you want an increase in your ROI.
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The Most Powerful Social Sharing Traffic Software in 2018

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BleuPage One-click publisher
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BleuPage mass uploader
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Stunning templates
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Special tracking tool
By using this brilliant feature, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors. You will get to know everything happens on their social media accounts. And for online workers, always updating your work on your accounts is a must. So simply put, you will get to know everything they are up to.

This feature will also provide you with information about the hottest trends.

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