Go Viral Inside: A Step-by-Step Guide

The core of Viral Tycoon is a free multi-level advertising platform. By following these instructions you can easily create and customize your Viral Page to promote your sites and affiliate links. You have a number of advertising options, including featured ads, text links, banners and more. Some of your ads and links are shown to all the members of Viral Tycoon.

Others are published on the Viral Pages of your six-tier downline. And many are promoted among all visitors of the entire Viral Tycoon advertising network.

Your Viral Page serves as your primary affiliate link. You can promote it using a whole range of landing pages, banners, text ads, e-mails, etc., which you can find in the Referral Center. The more direct referrals you bring, the faster your six-tier downline grows and the more you earn quality traffic, sales and commissions. You can do even better with our one-of-a-kind Downline Builder, which takes the process of getting referrals on popular traffic sites to an unrivaled level.

Please note that Viral Tycoon is a brand new site that we are still actively developing. New features and options are added almost every week. In the next few months we will integrate virtually every popular and effective marketing tool under one roof and drastically improve most of them.

This will soon make Viral Tycoon the most advanced and powerful low cost marketing platform for small and home businesses. Start using Viral Tycoon today and be the first to benefit from the upcoming updates and innovations.

1. Create your Viral Page

To enjoy all the benefits of using Viral Tycoon, you need to create your own Viral Page where you will add and promote your sites, ads and revenue links. Carefully select its name, because it cannot be changed later. People who visit your Viral Page not only see and click your ads, but also, if registered, become your referrals and then bring you a lot of quality traffic, commissions and sales for life.

Create Your Viral Page

2. Activate your account

After you have created your Viral Page, you need to complete the activation of your account. To do this, visit 9 websites of members in your upline, which takes only 5 minutes. Keep in mind that hundreds of members who signed up after you will also visit your sites and many of them will become your buyers.

Activate Your Account

3. Complete your profile

To start accepting referral payments and commissions from Viral Tycoon you need to provide your correct and current personal, contact and payment details.

When someone from your downline upgrades to Premium, he pays the fee directly to you using one of the payment methods that you provided. We recommend that you provide your PayPal payment email address and at least 1-2 additional e-currency wallets.

Complete Your Profile

4. Add your primary sites or links

Start building your viral traffic and sales generator by adding the most important websites that you want to promote. Your active ads are randomly displayed on the first position of your own Viral Page in the “Site of the Day” section, and on the 2-7th spots of Viral Pages of your referrals six levels down. If you have a strong downline, then your sites will be shown thousands of times and receive hundreds of visitors a day for life.

Premium member ads are also heavily promoted in the “Featured Websites” section of each page of the Viral Tycoon ad network, which gives them even more quality traffic.

Add Your Websites

5. Add your supplementary referral/income links

You can promote virtually unlimited number of affiliate, referral and other links on your Viral Page. They can be added as simple text links or designed as small ads containing an image, a headline, and an ad copy. Your active links are randomly displayed in the “Hot offers” and “Member Promos” columns on your Viral Page.

Income links of Premium Members are also shown in the “Trending Offers” column on Viral Pages of all their direct referrals.

Add Income Links

6. Configure your downline builder

Downline builder by Viral Tycoon is completely different from everything you seen before. It features literally every popular traffic-generating platform on the Internet instead of 5-10 randomly selected, and supports two unbiased ranking systems that help you and your visitors decide, which site to go with.

It is naturally integrated with your Viral Page, which allows you to get more referrals on all the sites on full auto-pilot. Uptime and reliability of each site is monitored 24/7, so you don’t lose referrals, sending them to sites that are down or stopped paying commissions.

Configure Downline Builder

7. Add your banners

Viral Tycoon currently supports two types of banners: 200x200px square banners are shown on every page in the left column and 728×90 leaderboards are placed at the bottom of all the public pages of the entire Viral Tycoon ad network. The prices start at just $ 0.29 per 1000 impressions. Banners of Premium Members are also shown randomly on all public and account pages of each Viral Tycoon member free of charge.

Add You Banners

8. Promote your Viral Page to get more referrals and sales

Once you have published your sites, links and banners, you are ready to start promoting your new Viral Page. Because Viral Tycoon is a multi-level advertising platform, you can easily build a lifetime massive stream of quality traffic, sales and commissions, getting more active referrals.

The address of your Viral Page is your main referral link, and you can create more referral links from virtually any Viral Tycoon page. Our Referral Center contains many promotional materials, including landing pages, banners, emails, text ads, etc. that help you advertise on social networks, safelist mailers, traffic exchangers, and other advertising sites.

Promote Your Page

9. Upgrade to Premium

While you can get loads of quality traffic and earn commissions being a free member, Premium Membership provides you way more powerful tools and valuable options. Your sites, links and banners are heavily promoted on the Viral Pages of your six-tier downline and get a massive exposure across the entire Viral Tycoon ad network.

Currently, Premium subscription costs only $10 monthly or $45 annually, which is less than $4 a month, and is affordable for any small or home based business.

Upgrade to Premium

10. Personalize your Viral Page

You can make your Viral Pages stand out and increase its conversion rate by transforming it into a fully customized Brand Page. Replace the default cover image with your branded cover, provide your social media contacts, add your business or personal profile, and customize page colors if needed.

Brand Your Page