Go Viral and make money

Easily Create a Lifelong Stream of Income

Earn up to 35% lifetime commission from your entire six-level downline

Viral Tycoon is more than just an innovative marketing platform that lets you promote your businesses, websites or affiliate links. The site itself can become a stable source of passive income with zero or very little investment.

While many of our services are free of charge, some of the most demanded features are available only to Premium Members. These tools are so powerful that a significant percentage of members choose to upgrade in order to have access to them.

When your referral or any member in your six-tier downline upgrades to Premium, you can instantly receive 100% of his or her payment directly to your Paypal or Payza account. Depending on your subscription type you can get up to 35% of all payments from your direct referrals and up to 15% of payments from the next five levels of your downline.

And the best thing is that these are recurring payments, i.e. you can receive subscription fees of your referrals every month, as long as they pay for their Premium Membership, for life.

How it works

First of all you, need to provide your Paypal or Payza payment email on your Profile page, to be able to receive instant direct payments. Then you have to create your Viral Page, add ads and links to websites and programs that earn you money, and start promoting it.

Every time when someone visits your Viral Page, your Downline Builder or any other page on your own Viral Tycoon Website, he gets a cookie with your member ID as a sponsor. When this visitor later signs up, he becomes your direct referral. People referred by this person become your second-tier downline, an so on. If anyone in your six-level downline chooses to upgrade to Premium Membership, the payment goes directly to you or to your upline, depending on the payment schedule.

As a Free Member you are eligible to receive each 10th upgrade payment of your direct referrals, which on average gives you a 10% commission from your first level downline.

As a Premium Members you are entitled to receive 35% of the upgrade payments of your direct referrals. But this is only the beginning. You are also eligible to receive 15% of all upgrade payments from any member in your six-tier downline! This is not a typo. Not 1-2% on 2-3 levels as many sites offer, but 15% at each level from the second to the sixth!

No matter how long someone in your downline remains a Premium Member, you continue to receive payments while he or she pays for membership. And we do our best to increase the value of the Premium Membership every month, to ensure a higher renewal rate. So, it is likely that many people in your downline will pay you for many years!

Let’s turn to the figures

To understand what possible income we are talking about, let’s move on to numbers. Imagine that you directly referred only 6 new members. If every your direct referral do the same you’ll have 36 second-tier referrals. On the third level, it will be 216 referrals, 1,296 on the forth level, 7,776 on the fifth, and finally you’ll have 46,656 sixth-tier referrals. Thus, your donwline will include more that 55,000 members! As you can see, though it’s hard to get 100 direct referrals, but it is quite easy to have 10,000+ members under you in a six-level downline.

Now, suppose that only 10% of your indirect referrals upgraded to Premium Membership. It is 5500+ payments of at least $10. As a Premium Member you are eligible to receive 15%.of these payments, which gives you $8,250! And now remember that these are recurring payments that Premium Members make each month. This gives around $100,000 a year, every year, for life, that are paid directly to your Paypal or Payza account. And all you need to achieve this is to attract only 6 active referrals!

We help you to grow

You can say: sounds damn tempting, but I don’t know where I can get even half a dozen referrals, so it’s unlikely that I will be able to earn this way.

Here’s the huge difference between Viral Tycoon and any other website. We provide you with two powerful tools that will allow you to get hundreds of direct referrals in just a few weeks. The same tools will allow your referrals to get a lot of their own direct referrals, and so on. Thus, we help you to quickly build your six-tier downline with many thousands of direct and indirect referrals!

The first tool is our high powered Downline Builder. Unlike many other downline builders that you can find on the Web, it really works. First of all, it features literally every popular traffic-generating platform instead of 5-10 randomly selected. Then, it supports two unbiased ranking systems that help you and visitors of your Viral Page decide, which site is worth to use. And finally, it is naturally integrated with your Viral Page, which allows you to get more referral traffic on full auto-pilot.

The second tool is the secret one-of-a-kind Affiliate Primer – a step-by-step instruction that will help you get 5-10 direct referrals every day! You won’t find there wortless advice on writing good content, blogging, being social and so on. Instead, you’ll get a list of really useful websites and a detailed explanation of how to get a lot of referrals on them.

And finally, we reveal a unique strategy that guarantees that your downline will expand several times on each tier. This ensures that your six-tier downline will quickly grow to thousands and even tens of thousands of active members!

You earn, we win 

Have you ever thought what would be Google without all the websites it indexes and searches? What would be Facebook without all the people and their content? What would be Ebay without all the merchants and goods they sell? They are just programs that cost only a few dollars. Millions of website owners, online merchants, bloggers and usual people create 95% of the value of these platform but all the profits are kept by their owners. Not too fair, don’t you think so?

In Viral Tycoon we highly appreciate those who add value to the platform. Our members and Viral Pages they manage are the backbone of our web service. This is the source from which most of our content comes. By advertising their Viral Pages our members promote Viral Tycoon as well. This is how we become that popular. Sending millions of people to their Viral Pages our members together produce huge amount of advertising space for sale. This is how we earn money.

So we believe that it is fair to share our revenue with those who help to generate it. That’s why we give all the upgrade payments to our active members. The more you add value to Viral Tycoon, the more you earn. The more your earn, the more you help us grow.