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Go Viral: Advertise to the World for Free

Viral Tycoon is a one-of-a-kind viral marketing platform that allows any small or home based business to succeed by offering a range of powerful tools and features.

We put in your Free Membership more value than most other providers offer in paid plans. And no other platform can catch up with our low cost Premium Membership when it comes to quality and volume of visitors we send to your websites and affiliate links!

We don’t generate bulk traffic of zero value like autosurf traffic exchanges or click-per-click viral mailers. Most of the visitors we deliver are real people interested in your offers, coming from thousands of websites on the Viral Tycoon network

Using our advanced viral traffic system you instantly reach a great number of prospective customers, subscribers or affiliates, and exponentially increase the flow of quality traffic to your websites every day!

How it works

After signing up you create your own free Viral Page. You can publish there your ads, offers and links to the websites and affiliate programs that earn you money or traffic. In fact, the main page you can see is someone’s Viral Page, and all the content on it is provided by its owner or other Viral Tycoon members.

When you start promoting your Viral Page and more people join Viral Tycoon as your referrals, you get a stable flow of visitors to any number of your websites and affiliate links. In addition to your own advertising efforts, this includes:

1. Guaranteed visits by every your referral 6 levels down
2. Massive quality traffic from Viral Pages of your entire 6 level downline
3. A non-stop stream of interested visitors from every Viral Page in the network 
4. Bonus traffic from advertising platforms in your personal Downline Builder
5. Unlimited exchange visits by Viral Tycoon members  
6. Extra traffic from multiple external sources that we share among members

The larger your downline, the more Viral Pages provide space for your ads, and the more online marketers send you visitors. If you sponsored only 5 members and the same did everyone in your downline, then your ads will be shown on almost 20,000 Viral Pages every time when someone visits them! Okay, some people are too lazy to promote their pages even a bit. To be realistic let’s divide this number by 100 and there still be around 200 viral pages that promote your ads for free!

And we have for you more really great news: 

  • – Viral Tycoon is the only marketing platform which delivers this six-level traffic wave to all its members at no charge;
  • – At Viral Tycoon we provide you with a step-by-step instruction how to get 200-300 direct referrals in just three weeks;
  • – You earn unbeatable six-level commission paid instantly to your Paypal or Payza  account.

Stop paying for advertising or wasting time on junk traffic. Advertise for free, receive tons of quality viral traffic and get paid for this. Become a viral tycoon today!

Advanced Viral Marketing Tools

Our marketing approach is simple, honest and effective: if our platform lets your small or home based business grow faster with less effort and expenses, then our business grows exponentially as well. That’s why we implement only well proven, higher value marketing and income tools that really work, most of them at no charge.

1. Advertise multiple offers on the best spots

You can promote unlimited number of ads and links on the most visible and valuable space of your Viral Page. In addition to the primary Site of the Day slot, you can simultaneously promote up to 32 ads and income links in the Free Advertising, Hot Deals and Member Promos columns of your Viral Page.

2. Get guaranteed massive member traffic

To activate an account every new member must visit 10 websites advertised on his sponsor’s Viral Page. If you have sponsored this new member or you’re in the upline of his actual sponsor, this new member will be required to visit your website. It means your ads will be seen and visited not only by your direct referrals, but by your entire downline six levels down!

3. Interested visitors from your entire six-level downline

Your ads are placed on all the Viral Pages of your six-level downline and are seen by all their visitors. On the pages of your direct referrals your ads are randomly shown on the first spot of the Trending Sites section. On the pages of your 2nd to 6th tier downline your are ads are shown on the next spots of the Trending Sites and Hot Offers sections.

4. Your direct referrals advertise you harder Premium Membership

Your income links will be exclusively shown on the Viral Pages of all your direct referrals in the Trending Offers column. You can promote as many links as you want and up to 16 of them will be show on every Viral Page of your direct referrals at once.

5. Unlimited promotion throughout the entire network Premium Membership

Have you noticed the golden Featured Websites section in the middle of the front page? Three websites promoted there are sponsored by Premium Members. There’re millions of impressions in this section on all the member Viral Pages and they are randomly shared among the Premium Members at no extra charge.

6. One-of-a-kind Downline Builder

There’re hundreds of downline builders on the Web but none of them work really well. That’s why we developed a downline builder that is completely different. First of all, Viral Tycoon Downline Builder features literally every popular traffic-generating platform on the Internet instead of 5-10 randomly selected. Then, it supports two unbiased ranking systems that help you and your visitors decide, which site to go with. And finally, it is naturally integrated with your Viral Page, which allows your to get more referrals on all of your traffic providers on full auto-pilot.

7. High powered manual traffic exchange

You can get tons of additional visits from Viral Tycoon members with our heavily-crowded 1:1 manual traffic exchange. It is 100% free, so you don’t have to pay anything for advanced features, for which other TEs charge you up to $30/mo. You can configure daily and hourly traffic limits, uniqueness and duration of visits, geotargeting and more. You can even rewrite traffic source, so your Google Analytics will show that your site receives traffic from random web pages, social or search!

8. Step-by-step instruction on getting hundreds of referrals Premium Membership

When you are looking for tools and ideas that will allow you to create your own referral network, you find only thousands of worthless articles with general words about Google, Facebook, SEO, blogging, being social, etc. Instead, Viral Tycoon suggests only truly effective tools for getting hundreds of referrals and explains in detail how to use them. Applying these tools daily, you can create you own 10,000 six-level downline in just a couple of months!

9. Unlimited banner impressions Premium Membership

As a Premium Member you can upload up to ten 200×200 and 728×90 banners that will be rotated on the random basis on all the public and account pages of every Viral Tycoon member. The 200×200 square banner is located in the left column of every Viral Tycoon page and the 728×90 leaderboard is placed in the bottom of every member Viral Page.

10. More tools to come soon

We are working hard to add new powerful tools that increase effectiveness of your marketing, and save your time and money. New free and premium features, options and instructions appear every week. Create your account today to be the first who will benefit from them.

Paid advertising services

Occasionally you may need more visitors, sign ups or sales that your Viral Page can generate. In this case you can purchase quality traffic services from Viral Tycoon or selected providers at the lowest rates on the market.