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Traffic: One of the most crucial words when we talk about Internet marketing. Without Web traffic or visits to our website, it is useless to have the best content in a blog, an excellent product, sales funnel, copy in emails or the most modern design. It’s as if we had a store in an abandoned mall.

But if you decide to create a good plan and take action, you can generate large amounts of traffic and visits to your Web page. The tools and methods are available to everyone.

When deciding which marketing strategy is to be applied, we have many options and different approaches that we can take.

One of the best results can give to take a big boost and grow rapidly is viral marketing (on the Internet), which we can define as:

The use of online marketing techniques that are used so that a campaign, promotion, product or information is spread in social networks, forums, blogs and all kinds of communication channels and thus create a chain that helps expand the reach of the message.

Viral marketing not only helps generate traffic, it also has excellent benefits in branding since the brand or product that is advertised is exposed to thousands or millions of users on the Internet.

Viral marketing example – Blendtec Blender

One of the most successful viral marketing cases on the Internet is the campaign carried out by Blendtec, a company that sells different models of powerful blenders.

To demonstrate the power of its products (especially the Total Blender), where Tom Dickson, the founder of the company liquifies different products of all kinds, from food to electronics or toys.

Its channel has more than 700,000 subscribers and its videos have generated around 300,000,000 views. This undoubtedly helped the branding and sales of the blender.

Viral strategy marketing on the Internet

In this article we will see some of the viral strategy marketing techniques. Some involve spending money and other time, so it is important to prepare and create a good strategy.

I consider viral strategy marketing techniques as a series of tools that work together. They are not isolated or individual strategies that are used once and then move on to the next. All are a system that help each other and offer different functions so that the campaign can be a success.

Video marketing

The videos are an excellent way to create and share viral content on the Internet that is fun, entertaining and really connects with a certain audience. On the Internet there have been many cases of viral contents like videos that achieve thousands or millions of visits in all types of industries and topics.


Undoubtedly the king of the platforms for uploading videos on the Internet is YouTube. It is the best means of creating viral content. Upload the videos you want of all kinds and formats to start receiving visits. YouTube works very well if you are going to create a channel with several videos and you are looking to create branding.

Other platforms to see it directly on your page

To insert videos on your website or blog you can use YouTube, but in these cases I recommend using other platforms.

For example, if you want the main piece of your viral marketing to be a capture page where there is a video and more information, use Vimeo so that it can be played directly on your page and you do not have to go to the URL of the video to be able to see him.

Video marketing tips
Entertaining videos

The more humor the videos have, the more they will please and be shared. Nobody shares a boring video.

Correct duration

Do not make them too long but not so short either. Find a good balance and an adequate duration. Between 2 and 5 minutes could be ideal, but it will depend on your niche and the message you are going to transmit.


You do not need to be a film director or professional animator to create viral contents or to receive many visits. With tools such as a decent video camera, basic editing software and other screen capture programs such as Camtasia or Screenflow you can start.

Quality over quantity

It is better to get an excellent video than to publish 5 mediocre ones.
Videos are a pillar of viral strategy marketing because they represent a higher level of interaction with users.

Imagine a campaign like the one we saw of Blendtec Blender without videos. Impossible!

Social networks

If video is the form of interaction with users on the Internet, social networks work so that this video (s) is shared throughout the network and has an important impact and influence.

The success of campaigns and examples of viral marketing on the Internet depend in large part on how much they are shared on Twitter and Facebook (the 2 “titans” of social media).


The largest social network on the Internet offers different tools that you can take advantage of in your viral strategy marketing:

Fan page: The more likes you have, the more market penetration and interaction there will be when you post content. You always have to be in touch with your audience and share content of value and entertainment and you know viral content is the fuel of visit.

Facebook Ads: The Facebook advertising system works to grow a Fan page and also to send traffic to your Web page. Viral marketing can be very useful to give a good initial boost to your campaign and gradually lower the budget as it is shared naturally by users.

Take advantage of all the potential that Facebook offers so that your campaign receives more comments, feedback, visits and subscribers.


In my opinion Twitter is the best social network for viral marketing, since it consists of small messages of 280 characters that are shared in a matter of one click and work perfectly to send traffic to any website.

A simple retweet of a user with influence and a good number of followers can be the difference between the campaign being a success or a failure. Now imagine 10, 20 or 30 retweets of this type of user 🙂


Although it is a much more specific social network focused on the labor and professional field, LinkedIn can be very useful to create alliances, know contacts and make your message endorsed by users of experience and authority.

More than a viral marketing channel (which is in a certain way), I see LinkedIn as an accelerator and a place to create good relationships in your niche.

Creating groups and sharing links there can be a good option to create a viral content and have traffic.

Social network tips

Do not abandon your fans or followers: Whether on Facebook or Twitter, it is always important to have constant communication with your audience. Today’s attention on the Internet is short and much dispersed. Stop publishing for a few days or weeks completely disengage the users of your brand and your products.

Create relationships: As we have already seen, meeting people with influence in your niche or industry is important and necessary.

Original, genuine and fun content.
Care copywriting: What you write in your posts can attract attention and clicks or act as if they did not exist and had never been published.

Virality Plugins

If you use WordPress (which I highly recommend), there are different types of plugins that you can use to make viral content.

Here are some examples:

WP Viral contests: To grow your list and create contests in WordPress.
Optin Monster: The best plugins to create popups, generate subscribers and have more reach.
Click to Tweet: Easy for your readers to tweet phrases or links with your user included.
OptimizePress: To create capture pages, launch sequences and member areas for your products.
Social Locker: Excellent plugin that works so that users have access to a certain gift, content or utility only if they share the page in their social networks.

FREE – Magic word

A good viral strategy marketing technique is to give or offer something free, without risks and that adds value. Example: an eBook, a small course, a plugin or application.

Depending on your niche you can boost your viral campaign using the concept of giving something valuable totally free.

The contests also work very well. If you are going to launch a product, you can raffle memberships or even have seen many giving away iPads, Macbooks or other types of electronics.

Other sources of traffic for viral marketing

Forums: excellent option where users with common interests and passions meet and interact
Email marketing: Email campaigns are also important to promote a product to a list of subscribers. The bigger your list, the better.

Google and SEO: Although it is not directly a viral marketing channel, SEO can help position and generate visits. You can also use Adwords, the pay-per-click system.

Viral Marketing – The opportunity is for everyone

We must also be aware that viral marketing can have a negative effect if it is done in the wrong way. The message (regardless of its content) has the potential to be shared by thousands and millions of people, which generates different opinions and results, that is why we must be careful and plan the campaign well.


Make sure your campaign does not leave anyone indifferent. That is, to generate responses and emotional reactions in people (happiness, emotion, controversy, etc). It does not matter if some do not like it, it is impossible to please everyone. Transmit your message with passion and authenticity.

The 2 pillars of viral marketing are undoubtedly social networks and videos, which rely on other sources of traffic and communication channels.

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