Blogging tips for small business owners

As a small business owner, you’re required to oversee all your own marketing efforts. This includes your blogging strategy, which you may not feel comfortable with. If you’re just starting out, this is the guide for you.

Content is in centre of all marketing communication and blogs are a great way to get your voice heard and build your brand. If you are a blogger or run a blog on your business’ website, you do this in hope that you will attract many visitors who will not only read but also share your blog with their social media networks. If done successfully, this is great for your SEO and brand exposure and will lead to establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Here are some smart tips that will help you create a good blogging strategy, and get the most out of what you put online:

Listen to your audience.

First of all, you need to get out there and listen to what your audience wants. If you’re on social media, follow the other ‘likes’ of your followers, and look at what they’re saying online. What are their needs and wants? What’s their biggest problem right now? Your job is to understand what they need, so you can write blogs that they can find value in and use.

Write blogs with substance.

A blog post that simply tells your audience about your product isn’t going to get you the clicks you need. This is because it isn’t reaching out to them, it’s simply advertising yourselves. Instead, you need to take the data gathered during the listening phase, and use it to write blogs that are actually useful. Instead of just talking about your product, write about ways in which your audience can solve a problem, one of those being buying your product.

Use sources.

It’s hard to come up with good content if you’re not doing your research. If you’re writing, use that research to back up what you have to say. It’s easier to respect a writer if they show you where they’ve done their research. How you display that research is up to you. Many bloggers will simply link to the correct articles, but others will go more in depth. Make sure you’re citing these sources properly, as Google will penalise sites that plagiarise even accidentally.

Bloggers use Academized and Plagium amongst other tools to check for plagiarism before they publish, to be safe.

Focus on the reader

Think about what value are you providing to the reader. Define your audience so you can match your writing style to their style and be clear on what is it that they would want to get out of the reading experience. 

Choose an interesting topic

If you are not sure what those topics are, ask the Internet. We use a great tool that helps to get insights on what Internet users are searching for –

Make sure that you know enough about the topic before you start writing. You don’t need to be an expert on everything but it will add credibility if your blog post is insightful and others can learn from it.

Be clever with titles

A catchy title is what grabs your readers` interest and what makes your blog easy to be found online. Avoid long, overcomplicated titles and capture what your blog is really about. Tips, how to guides or even slightly controversial titles are very popular with readers as they indicate that there is something new to learn if they read on.

Make it easy to read

Ideally, you will have a strong intro, followed by individual sections. Use titles for each of the sections, as it will make it easy for your readers to digest at first glance and it gives your post a clear structure. If you are providing tips, use numbers or bullet points so it looks nice and organised.

Use visuals

It looks better and makes it easier to share on social media. If you have any visuals supporting what you are writing about, use them! People love visuals and no one really likes big blocks of text.

Keep it short and simple

This applies to both sentences and overall length. Short and clear sentences will make your blog easy to read and help with SEO. Your readers won’t have much spare time, so giving them something that they can read in a couple minutes will increase the chances they will actually read it. Aiming for anything between 500 and 1000 words works well for everyone.

Hot Tip: Hire quality writers to write articles /content for your website

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Share on social media

Use various platforms, not just one. Be smart with your SEO. Share repeatedly. The first blog post I wrote on here and shared on social media gone viral and generated a lot of traffic, because I shared it at the right places at the right time – so far this post have been seen over ten thousand times and got ridiculous amounts of shares for a blog that was just created.

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