The SEO is a branch of online marketing highly complex because it contains numerous factors involved. In this short article there will be no space to explain all its secrets, but it will help you to know what it is and what its main keys are. A quick but complete review of everything there is to know about SEO before starting a strategy of organic search engine positioning.

Everything related to the most fashionable disciplines in digital marketing such as Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing has in SEO the engine of strategies. The question most people always ask is what is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization (Optimization Search Engine) and refers to the set of techniques that are carried out to improve the place they occupy a certain website lists of search engine results when a user makes a particular search.

For example, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy of a hotel in Madrid will ideally have their website appear in the first position of the organic results of Google when a user searches “hotels in Madrid” in that search engine. The nuance of “organic positioning” is important, because for example in Google or Bing the first positions of the screen are destined to be clicked and to appear in them it is necessary to realize another type of complementary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

So here are the latest 9 SEO basics 2018 for optimizing your business in Google that answers the question “what is seo and how to implement them?”


Google has developed automatic algorithms that classify your site. They send the so-called “spiders” to “crawl” your site and check more than 100 factors that influence Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning and determine if your site is valuable or useless for the user.
These indicators include elements such as links, the age of the domain, the traffic you receive, the content of value, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making those spiders happy with what they have found. It is a very complex area that is constantly evolving and changing but, in all that chaos, there are some constant factors that have lasted from the beginning and that you can apply to your website.
From these seo basics we are going to talk to you here today.

Invest in your own domain and hosting

You need your own domain and accommodation. Setting up a free blog or website is not going to be optimal for your SEO strategy.
First of all, it is a sign of seriousness and professionalism to have your own name and accommodation. And Google only takes into consideration those websites that are serious and trustworthy.
Therefore, we recommend all new bloggers to buy their own domain and configure the accommodation from the beginning.

Solve problems with original content

The main purpose of Google is to provide its customers with relevant and useful results.
And, to be realistic, the most important and fundamental work you can do for your SEO is to create useful content in a massive way, focused on solving people’s problems.
If you concentrate on solving problems that people are looking for, and then it is likely that you get to be shared on social networks and that you achieve a good Google ranking.

The words “original content” means much more than just a blog. You must support yourself in the different formats provided by the network:

Visual format
Use original images for your content. Much better if, instead of going to a bank of images, you take photos of your products through a professional photographer.

Audiovisual format
The tutorials or the video messages have a very good reception in the network. It is a content easier to see for the user; immediate and easy to digest. Create links to your channel on YouTube and increase the positioning on the two platforms: YouTube and Google.

Useful tools

If you are able to develop an original tool and install it on your website, you can be sure that the first ones in the Google ranking will be for you.

Google loves the tools and plugins with which users can resolve issues; for example, a calorie calculator for a healthy diet, a percentile calculator, a conversion table …
The idea is to build a relationship of trust with your audience, helping them to resolve a conflict. With this exchange, you will achieve faster results in the search engine.

Build relevant links and in a natural way

If you start now with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, you should know something about link building. The backlinks strategy is that another website incorporates links to your site.
However, not all links are the same. You have to know 3 fundamental things about the links.

Never buy them
Buying links to your site is something like the worst thing you can do to Google. If this is detected by the search engine, it will negatively affect the positioning of your page and then, it costs sweat and tears to remedy it … So, simply do not do it.

The source is important
The site that links to your website makes the difference. If it is an old domain, you will have better data than with a new one. On the other hand, generate a link in a real authority domain (such as websites of institutions such as a .edu or a .gob ), will give a good boost to your positioning.

The anchor text is relevant
The anchor texts are those words that contain the hyperlink. You can choose to use as an anchor text a keyword, relevant to the text, or for a simple “see here”; Be that as it may, this text has weight in your link building strategy.

As we have mentioned, the best way to generate weight links in your SEO strategy is to write content of incredible quality and then be shared naturally by the best blogs in your niche.

Make sure your page is well optimized for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has two components: things that happen outside your site (off-page seo) such as social networks or backlinks and things that happen inside (on-page seo), such as optimizing your page.

The optimization of your page is important because it is an indicator for Google that your site is trusted.
This optimization also helps Google find your website.

Some of these optimizations are the following:

Load speed

A site that quickly loads all the elements of the page, improves the user experience and, therefore, Google considers it good.

Broken links
Make sure you delete all broken links and that the navigation works correctly on your website.

Label the headers on your page to tell Google what’s going on. This optimization is done through the labels h1, h2, h3 …

Configure permanent Urls

The permanent and optimizable urls help people locate the pages of your website or posts. They consist of a root and an editable part.

It is very important to have a good structure of permanent links. You can change this in WordPress, going to the Settings section and, once inside, to the option of permanent links to adjust the options.
Of course, it is essential that you always choose appropriate keywords based on the competition and the level of weekly searches, but which are also relevant for each entry.

Install a site map

One of the easiest things you can do in terms of your SEO, is to install the Google Sitemap plugin: this offers the searcher a complete map of all your posts, pages and files.
What is a sitemap for? With this resource, you offer a map of your site to the search engine so you can index it better.

Comment on other blogs related to your niche

A good SEO tactic is, simply, comment on other authority blogs. With this, you not only get more traffic; you also generate more exposure and generate new relationships, which also count as backlinks.
Now, many blogs require a real username to authenticate these contents and not spam their readers. Try to use your real name if you want to work on this SEO tactic and you will be contributing to a good positioning, in a legitimate way.

Create good social media profiles

What most companies want is to have a good focus on the main social networks in order to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and generate more web traffic.

Google is taking social networks into consideration, as an indicator of the relevance and authority of an article. If thousands of people are retweeting one of your content, then, most likely, you have written something really good. And the best way to get retweets, is to build a loyal audience, who loves to promote your content.

Use SEO plugins

WordPress offers you a lot of plugins that you can install to get some help with your SEO. Install an SEO package, will help you optimize each of your posts or web pages and give you information to know what is missing to optimize and what is already.

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