Affiliation Marketing Guide For Beginners In 2018

Maybe once, browsing your blogs or your favorite pages, you have seen different bloggers talking about affiliate marketing and what strategies are the best to start it.

But for most people who start in this world of the Internet, these 3 words are a total mystery.

What is affiliate marketing really like? What is it for? And how can you benefit from it and start it?

Below I will deal with affiliate marketing for beginners , and how to get the best out of it.

What is affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing is a method of generating income online via a website or blog recommending other people ‘s products or companies.

How does affiliate marketing work?
The operation is as follows:

  • You have a blog or a web page where you talk about a specific topic, and you want to generate income with it.
  • Search affiliate programs with products related to your theme.
  • You register in one or more of these programs, where they provide you with a unique link that you must use to place on your web page or blog.
  • You place your affiliate link on your page or blog (banners in the columns of your website, or links with text in an article where you recommend that product).
    Visitors come to your page and, when they click on your affiliate link, redirect them to the seller’s website.
  • If a visitor, after clicking on your link, sees the seller’s page and makes a purchase, the seller will receive a notification and will assign a commission of the total of that purchase.
  • At all times you can enter the seller’s page and see a report of the people who have clicked on your link, and how many have made a purchase.
  • At the end of the month, the seller will count the purchases made with your link, and pay you commissions for those sales.

This is a system in which everyone wins: the seller manages to sell his product, the visitor of your website or blog buys an article that interests him, and you get a commission for recommending a good product to your readers.

The great advantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing for beginners has several advantages, but one of the main ones is that you will not have to invest time or money in creating a product that can be very successful, or it can be a failure and no one can buy it.

This will be done by the company that sells the article itself, and you will not have to worry about attending to customers if they have a problem with the product.

Therefore, the risk that exists is zero : if you promote and recommend something, but nobody buys it, you will only have to find another product to recommend, and you will not have spent money or time to create an article that your readers do not like.

In addition, you can sell the products you want – you are the one who chooses what you promote -, you will not need to have stock of those products, nor a warehouse where to store them, and the commissions can be very good if you know how to do it.

What do you need to do affiliate marketing?

After reading the basic concepts of this method to make money online, you are probably wondering what things you need to get it going.

First, you must have a web page or an updated blog in which, in some way, you can recommend these affiliate products by placing your link.

If you have a static web page (where you do not upload new content frequently), you can place ads on the sidebars with your links.

In a blog you can create a specific article talking about the product you recommend, and placing your affiliate link there for your readers to buy.

But remember: your opinion must be honest or you will lose credibility in front of your audience.

Affiliate marketing works best on sites with a good volume of visits ; So if in your blog or web you still do not have many, it is better that you try to generate web traffic for a few weeks, and then move on to this type of marketing.

Finally, what you will also need is to look for products and affiliate programs to join them, to provide you with your affiliate link, and thus be able to promote it.

But beware: any product or program is not valid.

If you have a cooking page, it is useless to recommend accessories for cell phones. Your readers are not interested in that: they are interested in topics related to food.

And in that case, what you should promote are blenders to make cakes, online stores where you can buy culinary ingredients, or virtual courses where you can learn to cook certain recipes.

So that’s all you need to do affiliate marketing: a page or blog with visits, where you can promote the products of others, and an affiliate program related to your topic .

How to find affiliate programs

If you already have all the requirements of the previous section, it’s time to search for affiliate programs to place a link on your page or blog and start generating revenue.

I remind you again that it is not worth promoting any type of product . This is very important and it is mandatory that you keep it in mind if you want this method to be profitable and give you money.

It is essential that what you recommend, whether physical or digital products, is intimately related to the theme of your page and what you write on your blog.

Once you have this in mind, you should know that there are more and more companies that start up their own affiliate programs because of the enormous advantage that it takes for someone to advertise what they sell in exchange for giving them a part of each sale.

1. Through Google

A simple way to look for this type of programs is by going to Google and writing in the search engine this: “Affiliates + the product or the theme of your blog”
In this way, you will see results from different companies that have affiliate networks.

An example: imagine that in your blog or website you talk about motherhood, small children, or games of different types.

A product that you could promote is toys. So in this case, you should go to Google and write ” Affiliates + toys ” (without the quotes).

It is a quick method to search for affiliate programs if you are not clear about any company related to your topic that has a service of this type.

2. Looking for a well-known company

The other method is looking for a company or a brand that you already have in mind , and visiting their website to see if they have an affiliate program.

It is best to first define what is the subject of your blog or website, and think what products you might recommend related to it. Which brands are the first ones that come to your mind?

Whatever they are, sign them up and go to their web pages to see if they have affiliate groups. This section is usually at the bottom of each company’s page (if they have an affiliate program) with the name “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Program”.

Following the example of toys, if the first mark you remember is Toysrus, go to their website and go down to the bottom of the page and click “meet us”

With any brand or company that comes to mind, use this method combined with Google search , and you can find the programs that best fit your website.

How do I register? and what do I do next?

Here I am sorry to tell you that I can not give you exact instructions on how to register and what to do next, because each company and each program has different forms and processes.

But the bases are usually the same , and the operation is usually like this:

  • You register on the chosen platform: fill in the form with the information requested and send it.
    Some affiliate programs will approve your application at the moment , and in others you will have to wait a couple of days to be contacted by email.
  • Already registered, the normal thing will be that they provide you with the resources you need to promote your products, such as the affiliate link, a code to put on your website, images …
    You place those resources on your page or blog (image with link in a bar of your site, the affiliate link in an article where you recommend that product) so that your visitors click on them and, if they want, buy the article.
  • On the website of that company or the program, you will have a section where you can see how many clicks your link has received or links , and how many people have bought the product. In most cases, these data do not appear immediately, but are shown after a couple of weeks.
    When you have received commissions, you can collect them requesting payment.
  • Anyway, if there is something you do not understand well when you join an affiliate network, most companies have step-by-step tutorials, or you can contact their technical support to help you answer your questions.
2 tips to avoid scams in affiliate marketing

I have seen a lot of beginners enter the world of affiliate marketing and wonder if the program they are going to enter is reliable or is it just a scam. This is why i created this article on affiliate marketing for beginners.

This usually happens especially in those systems where it is indicated that, to generate income, you have to get those people to become your affiliates too.

That’s why I want to clarify that this is not affiliate marketing . Its name is actually ” pyramid scheme “, and in 95% of cases, they are usually scams.

Here are some tips to know if an affiliate program is a fraud or is completely legal.

1. Real affiliate programs do not ask for money

If to enter an affiliate program they ask you to pay for the registration , or they ask you for a fee to pay each month , I’m sorry, but it’s a scam.

The registration to join as an affiliate to a company or brand is always free , and is the only one that should be paid if you make a sale; you do not have to pay anyone.

There is also no type of membership that you must pay to register in legitimate affiliate programs.

Also, do not trust those systems that tell you that in order to promote their products, you have to buy an already designed web page that they will sell to you.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, get away, because they are frauds to take your money.

2. You will never get rich working 10 minutes a day

I have seen many people being scammed with programs in which they were selling tools, promising them that they would earn a lot of money with very little effort and work.

These tools are usually digital books, courses, or even schemes that claim to have the secret to earn $ 1,000 in a single day without working.

It is not true. That does not exist, nor is it real.

If I told you that I have a miraculous diet with which you can lose 20 kilos in a week, surely in your head the alarms would start to sound and you would think something is wrong with that.

But when it comes to money, for some reason, people often believe that what they are being taught is true.

Surely they will show you photos of payment vouchers with astronomical figures, and testimonies that seem credible. But it’s all a strategy for you to buy that book, or that course, and cheat your money.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but there is no method or scheme that allows you to become rich in a week working 10 minutes a day.

3 recommendations to succeed with affiliate marketing

To be successful with affiliate marketing it is not enough just to follow the steps and the advice I have given you above. It is also important that you follow these 3 recommendations:

1. Recommend only products related to your theme

Okay, I know this is the third time that I repeat it in this article. But I would not do it if it was not important.

You should recommend only products that are related to your website or blog. If you talk about cooking, recommend utensils, courses and ingredients related to food.

If you talk about cars, recommend online stores for car accessories or courses related to motoring. You know: articles RELATED to what you speak.

2. Your credibility is the key

If you do not want to lose the confidence of your readers and your new visitors, the best thing is that you only promote products that you have tried , or that you know and know that they have a good quality.

You can not promote products that you do not know anything about, and write articles saying how wonderful they are, because with that the only thing you will be doing is tricking people to get money.

Your reputation is the most valuable thing you have. So I guess you do not want to lose it and ruin it forever, right?

3. Your own experience is the key to success

Affiliate marketing, after all, is like another business. And what is the best way to sell a product to a customer?

Demonstrating that you know the article well because you use it yourself.

Tell me one thing: who would you be most willing to buy something for: someone who only recommends a product, or a person who tells you the benefits of that item because he or she uses it normally , and they know it has a good quality?

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